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Free Toys R Us Play Day

playday1 Free Toys R Us Play Day – More Info

Saturday April 12, 2014 is Play Day At Toys R Us locations starting at 11 am.

LEGO© MAKE N’ TAKE : Build a LEGO Captain America Shield and take it home! A special LEGO build dedicated to the new Captain America film out in theaters April 4th!

Play Day DISNEY PRINCESS PALACE PETS : The Disney Princesses have always loved their animals; take part in our in-store scavenger hunt to learn about the pet belonging to each Princess! Cool prizes available for completing the activity.

Play Day CRA-Z-LOOM BRACELET MAKE N’ TAKE : Make an original Cra-Z-loom Fishtail Bracelet or ring without a loom. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how!

Play Day PRODUCT DEMONSTRATIONS : Test your skills with some of the new and exciting toys & games available at Toys“R”Us! Demo product may vary by store.

Play Day CRAYOLA COLOUR WONDER :Explore the wonder of color using Crayola® Colour Wonder. The ink is clear on most surfaces, but each marker “magically” shows up a different color on Colour Wonder paper! Colouring sheets vary by stores.

Play Day DISNEY INFINITY POWER DISC TRADE! Bring at Disney INFINITY Power Disc to the Play Day event and trade it in for a different one! Max. 20 new or traded Power Discs to choose from. Limit one Power Disc trade per person.

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