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Shoppers Drug Mart Warning Customers Of Fraudulent Email Scam

Shoppers-Optimum-Points-Shoppers Drug Mart Warning Customers Of Fraudulent Email ScamMore Info.

Shoppers Drug Mart is warning customers of a fraudulent email scam offering Optimum customers 20,000 points.

The fraudulent site (www.shoppersdrugmart.ga) directs customers to a site that looks very similar to Shoppers Drug Mart. Customers are then prompted to enter thier personal information, Optimum Card number, Date of Birth, Postal Code and Password.

The scam is to steal your Optimum Card of all points. This is fraudulent and not authorized by Shoppers Drug Mart, nor is this the Shoppers Drug Mart website.

The Shoppers Drug Mart website is www.shoppersdrugmart.ca.

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