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How To Price Match In Canada

price matching in canada
Price Matching In Canada – Price Match Guarantee

Have you ever been at a store where you’ve seen a fantastic sale only to find the item sold out? Or perhaps you’ve seen a sale advertised at a certain store in a flyer but can’t get there, or different sales at all different stores and you don’t want to visit them all? The act of price matching can solve these inconveniences when a deal is to be had. Learn how to price match in Canada to get those deals!

Price matching is the notion of presenting a competitor’s advertised sale price to a store, either within a weekly flyer or a printed documentation from a competitor’s website, and they sell the item to you at that sale price (or they may even beat it). This may also be called the stores price guarantee.

There are specific policies that individual merchandisers follow when they offer price matching. The item almost always must be the exact same product as featured in the advertisement; this pertains to the brand, size (volume or weight) or quantity in a package. Sometimes the policy may indicate that the item must be in stock at the competitor’s location, in which customer service will call the competitor to verify. You may also only be allowed to buy the limited amount if there is a limit at the competitor’s store. It is also important to note that a price match can typically only occur during the effective dates of the competitor’s flyer.

Coupons may or may not be accepted in addition to the price match, and if not then the coupon will state that the deal ‘cannot be combined with any other offer’. Price matches are usually not valid on ‘BOGO’ (buy one get one free) deals, sales that are a ‘percentage off’ versus a set price, or include ‘free gift with purchase’. A store may also exclude items from specific store departments, such as photo labs.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with store price matching policies before you venture out with your flyers; and sometimes you may even want to keep a copy of the stores policy with you in-case you run into problems with a cashier that may not be aware of the policy.

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Written by Holly S. exclusively for E.C.C.

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