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Nescafe Canada: 1,650 Free Coffee Mugs

nescafeNescafe Canada: 1,650 Free Coffee Mugs – Get Freebie

There is a total of one thousand six hundred and fifty (1,650) Prizes available to be won at the outset of this Contest. Each Prize consists of a Nescafé Red Mug.
At approximately 1:00:00 PM EST on each Wednesday during the Contest Period, the Sponsor will place a post in the Newsfeed section on the Nestlé Canada Nescafé Facebook page.
Based on clues in the Contest Post, visitors to the Website will be able to search for a hidden Red Mug on the Website.
Visitors will have from the time a Contest Post first appears on the Website until 9:00:00 AM EST on the following Monday to find the hidden Red Mug, take a screenshot or photo of the hidden Red Mug and post that Photo in the comments section of the applicable Contest Post.

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