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How To NOT Miss A Freebie Or Coupon

emailHow To NOT Miss A Freebie Or Coupon

* The best way is to sign up for our daily emails on the top right of our site where it says subscribe by email!
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* Check our Page regularly!

Here are some other ways you can be sure to see any new freebies or coupons that we post so you don’t miss out!

Like, comment on and share the occasional post daily to keep receiving notifications of new coupons and freebies! When you don’t interact with a page on Facebook it becomes invisible to you in a short period of time!

Facebook: Very Important:
Even if you see us today, you may not tomorrow or if you see some updates you still may miss the important ones…

1. Go to our Facebook Page and hover over the ‘Liked Button’.
2. Make sure ‘Posts in News Feed’ shows ‘See First’.
3. Be sure ‘Notifications’ shows ‘All Posts’, like in the photo below.
4. Change your settings to see the most recent posts first, you can find this on your News Feed setting on the top left. (This will change back weekly so be sure to check this often.)

*If you stop seeing our posts then un-check and re-check all these options to bring them back!

Happy Couponing!

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