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How To Be Prepared In An Emergency

How To Be Prepared In An EmergencyIf any of you have been watching the disaster news from the East Coast, and this is not the only disaster that has ever hit, then you may be thinking, ‘How can you be prepared to be sure your family is safe?’

Can it happen to you? Of course it can! So maybe it’s time to get prepared.

Here is a list of things that you should have in order to be prepared, disasters can strike at anytime, anywhere.

How To Be Prepared In An Emergency

Water – Have enough water for your whole family for 1 month. The average is 4 liters per family member per day. This includes cooking, washing, drinking and don’t forget your pets. Replace with fresh water every 6 months.

Store water in food grade plastic containers, such as clean 2-liter soft drink bottles. Heavy duty, reusable plastic water containers are also available at sporting goods stores.

Food – 1 month supply for each family member including pets. Ready to eat food is best. Limit the amount of food that will need water to prepare.

Shelf-stable (no refrigeration required), low in salt, and do not require cooking (e.g. canned fruit, vegetables, peanut butter, jam, low-salt crackers, cookies, cereals, nuts, dried fruit, canned soup or meats, juices and non-fat dry milk). Formula and jarred baby foods.

Can opener


After a power outage, refrigerated food will stay cold longer if you keep the door closed. Food should generally be consumed within 4 hours. Food in the freezer will normally remain safe for 2 days.

Tools – Hammer, utility knife, pocket knife, adjustable wrench, nail gun, crowbar, scissors, pliers, shovel

Dust masks


Toilet paper

First Aid Book with instructions on treating illnesses and injures

First Aid Kit – Basic first aid supplies:
Two pairs of disposable gloves
Sterile dressings to stop bleeding
Cleansing agent/soap and antibiotic towelettes to disinfect
Antibiotic ointment to prevent infection
Burn ointment
Adhesive bandages in a variety of sizes
Eye wash solution to flush the eyes or as general decontamination
Over-the-counter medicines such as Aspirin or other pain reliever, laxative, anti-diarrhea medication
Prescription medications you take every day such as insulin, heart medicine, or asthma inhaler
Prescribed medical supplies such as glucose monitoring equipment or blood pressure monitors

Hand sanitizer

A copy of important documents and phone numbers

Photos of each family member and pets

Health cards and identification

An emergency phone

Rain gear for each family member

Extra warm clothes

Extra shoes

Heavy work gloves and boots

Personal hygiene supplies

Thick plastic sheets – To repair a broken window

Duck tape

Bungee cords


Sleeping bags

Extra medications

Flashlights for each family member

Extra batteries

Candles – Only use if absolutely necessary as they are a fire hazard


Fire extinguisher with directions, teach kids on how to use one

Battery operated radio


Garbage bags

Cash – Include smaller bills, such as $10 bills and change for payphones. If the power is out bank machines will not work, nor will debit or credit card machines.

Pet crates and leashes

Extra keys to house and cars

Extra gas in gas containers, keep your cars full of gas at all times if possible

Have a meeting spot for your family if someone gets lost or you are separated in a disaster

Have 2 planned escape routes

Know and have the phone number of one contact person that each family member can call to relay messages

Teach each family member how to turn off gas mains and other utility mains, know when to turn these off

Check smoke detectors regularly

Don’t place beds near windows

Store flammable or highly reactive chemicals (such as bleach, ammonia, paint thinners) securely and separate from each other.


A non-electric form of heater

Do not use a gas stove for heating or operate generators indoors (including the garage.) Both could cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Turn off and unplug appliances and computers. Leave one light on to indicate when power has been restored.

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