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How To Read A Coupon

how to read a coupon in canada

Some of you have asked what all the fine print etc. means when reading your Canadian coupons. Here is the information you need to know to read your coupons properly.

How To Read A Coupon In Canada

Expiry Date – Most coupons will have an expiry date. This is the date you can use the coupon until.

Bar Code Number – Each coupon will have a bar code or number, or both. This is used to identify each individual coupon.

Required Purchase – The product you have to purchase in order to use the coupon. Watch for specific sizes, product names, flavors etc.

Redemption Address: The address the store sends the coupon to, to get their money back. This must be a Canadian address to be valid in Canada.

Coupon Limits – Limits set on a coupon as to how it is allowed to be used.

Coupon Value – The amount of money you will save on the product when you use the coupon.

FPC – Free Product Coupon. A coupon that entitles you to a free product. Most FPCs will say that the taxes are included. Therefore the product is absolutely free.

Why it is important to know how to read a coupon:

You will be able to spot fake coupons easier.

You won’t try to use an expired coupon.

You will know the limits and rules for each coupon and not get stuck at the check-out.

Limits on your coupons:

One per purchase – One coupon allowed per item, each item is a purchase. Meaning, if you have 5 of the same coupon and 5 of the same items to match those coupons, that is acceptable.

One per customer – One coupon allowed. You can only use one of that coupon per trip.

Not valid with any other offer – The coupon cannot be used with another coupon or discount. Using the coupon on a sale item is still acceptable.

Remember, it is never okay to photocopy coupons!

Now you can start reading your Canadian coupons with more ease, good luck!

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