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Free Baby Samples In Canada, Toddler And Pregnancy Freebies

free baby samples in canadaFree Baby Samples In Canada, Toddler And Pregnancy Freebies

Get Free Baby Stuff Like Diapers, Formula, Toiletries And Free Pregnancy Samples!

Are you expecting or do you already have an infant? Do you know someone who would love some Canadian baby freebies? Well, here are some great baby programs and baby clubs as well as toddler, pregnancy and baby Freebies in Canada!

Free Samples for Newborns, Infants and All Baby Stages

Save tons of money when you request these pregnancy and baby freebies and coupons, a great way to give products a try without buying them!

Johnson & Johnson – Just ask for a free baby samples pack for Canada and receive things like shampoo, body wash, baby powder and more. As a bonus, you also get a free coupon

Aveeno – Get your free coupons by simply asking for baby product coupons

Lansinoh – Send an email to customer service and ask for free baby samples like cream, disposable nursing pads, cloth wipes and breast milk storage bags

P&G – Claim your free baby and toddler safety latch starter kit by filling out this quick form on their website

Jean Coutu – Request a free baby starter kit by filling out their form and bringing it into store locations


Free Baby Programs – Coupons, Samples and Useful Information for New Moms

Receive some great information that every mother needs to know as well as baby samples and money saving Canada coupons!

Nestle Baby Program – A popular favourite. Receive up to $110 worth of baby supplies and coupons, a sample of formula, cereal, a bottle, growth chart and tons of information all in a cute sling backpack. Sling bag also doubles as a cooler for bottles and other baby supplies

Enfamil Family Beginnings – Over $130 in free coupons for babies, samples and information

Pampers Gifts To Grow Program – Enter the Pampers codes found on diaper and wipes packages to gain points you can use towards free gifts

Huggies Enjoy The Ride Program – Gain points that you can use towards free baby samples and gifts

Shoppers VIB Program – Register to receive a free VIB bib, diapers, wipes, food and baby wash samples. You will also receive Optimum Bonus Points coupons for baby products

Free Baby Clubs – Silimac, Enfamil and Heinz

More coupons, information, freebies and baby samples to request in Canada. Great free formula samples and some wonderful coupons!

Similac Club – Claim your free coupons, formula and information by filling out a quick form on the Similac website

Enfamil – Even more baby freebies and coupons from Enfamil for all stages

Heinz Baby Club – Free baby samples, coupons, information and other free baby stuff

If you know of any other free baby samples in Canada or other Canadian freebies please let us know!

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