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Free Pampers Rewards Points

pampers-gifts-to-grow-pointsFree Pampers Rewards Points

NEW 10 Points – http://www.pampers.ca/diapers/choosing-a-paediatrician

10 Points http://www.pampers.ca/diapers/hospital-bag-checklist

10 Points http://www.pampers.ca/diapers/dealing-with-morning-sickness

10 Points http://www.pampers.ca/diapers/how-to-keep-the-kids-safe-in-the-water

Read special articles and get free Pampers Rewards Points.
When you see the special icon (pictured below) at the top of an article, read it and enjoy the extra points.
After reading the articles click on the I’ve read it button and you will automatically get the points.


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