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Free McCains Prize Packs

mccainFree McCains Prize Packs – Enter Contest

There are two (2) prizes to be won, each consisting of one (1) Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Camera an dFilm Kit, 30 Exposures (Black/Silver) (Retail value of $199.99 each), one (1) Photo Booth Props (Retail value of $19.95 each), one (1) Chalky-Talkies Props (Retail value of $24.95 each), five (5) coupons to redeem one (1) free McCain® Sharing product (each coupon valid for one (1) McCain® Spicy Lattice Cut, McCain® Spicy Wedges, McCain® Savoury Wedges, McCain® Onion Rings (Retail value of $3.99 each, total approximate coupon value $19.95), one (1) Netflix Gift Card (Retail value of $60.00 each), fifteen (15) Printable Nomination Ballots (Retail value of $8.00), one (1) Serving Bowl (Retail value of $40 each), one (1) Chalk Board Table Runner (Retail value of $6.00 each), one (1) Chalk Set (Retail Value of $5.00 each).

Ends February 9, 2015.

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