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ECC Grocery Shopping Challenge Contest

free-shopping-canadaECC Grocery Shopping Challenge Contest 

What You Win:
A $20 Walmart Gift Card

How To Play:
Using only $30 or less to shop, buy as much as you can using coupons and sales by March 24, 2013. (No FPCs, Rain Checks Or Stacking Please.)

What You Need To Submit:
1. Purchase receipts with date and store shown – full receipt.
2. Photo of the products purchased
3. Price list of products before coupons
4. Price list of products after coupons
5. Any price matching details
6. List of coupons used

How To Win:
Be the shopper who saves the most money using $30 or less. (No FPCs, Rain Checks Or Stacking Please.)

The top 3 shops will be shared with our fans!

Submit your photos and lists to extremecanadiancoupons@gmail.com by March 24, 2013.

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