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Canada Couponing Abbreviations, Acronyms And Terminology

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Canada Couponing Abbreviations, Acronyms And Terminology

So what does all these Canadian couponing terms and lingo really mean?

Here are some coupon abbreviations, acronyms and terminology that are used when couponing to get you started.

BOGO, B1G1 – Buy One, Get One Free
B2G1 – Buy Two, Get One Free
WUB – When You Buy
WUS – When You Spend
MFC – Manufacturer Coupon
FPC – Free Product Coupon (the product is free with this coupon but in some cases you may have to pay the tax)
Tear Pad Coupon – Coupons available in stores for customers to take
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Booklet Coupons – Coupons you find in a product information pamphlet
Product Coupon – Coupons found inside of or on the box of a product
Peelie Coupon – Coupons that are attached to the package of a product
Insert Coupons – Coupons found in flyer inserts in your daily paper
POP – Proof Of Purchase
MIR – Mail In Rebate (fill out a form to get your money back on a product you purchased)
Stacking Coupons – Using more then one coupon for one product
Per Purchase – Most coupons will say one per purchase (one item is one purchase, two items are two purchases.) If you have two of the same coupon you can use them for two of the same item. Each item is one separate purchase.
Per Customer – When a coupon limits your purchase to 1 product per person
Coupon Zone – A board of coupons, usually located in the front of a store
Max Value – The highest dollar amount that can be claimed on a coupon
OOP – Out Of Pocket. The final price after sales, price-matching, coupons etc.
Overage – When the coupon value exceeds the product value you not only get the product free, but you get money back
Price Matching – Paying the advertised price of another store by showing them the price by flyer etc.
SCOP – Scanning Code Of Practice
UPC – Universal Product Code

RCSS = Real Canadian Superstore
SDM = Shoppers Drug Mart
WM = Walmart
NF = No Frills

Hopefully this list will help you when you start on your couponing journey in Canada!

Also see How To Read A Coupon

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