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What Is A Coupon Swap?

what is a coupon swap

What Is A Coupon Swap?

A coupon swap is one of the most effective ways to acquire a great assortment of different coupons at one time. These are gatherings of other coupon users who bring their unwanted or extra coupons to exchange for coupons that they can use. If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend a coupon swap, why not organize your very own?

How to organize a coupon swap:

First you need to invite other coupon fans to your swap. You may wish to invite your friends and family, members of community groups you are involved in, or advertise the swap as an open event to residents in your area. If you use social networking sites such as Facebook, you can create your own event or a group and have your friends spread the word by inviting their friends. Couponing is becoming very popular, and you would be surprised how many people may be interested in attending.

You may also wish to get the word out via other local Facebook groups (e.g. A buy and sell group or page dedicated to your city or province), local internet forums, on Kijiji, or placing an ad in a local paper publication, so that others with an interest in frugal living have the opportunity to attend. You can also share your event on bulletin boards in community rooms and halls or grocery stores, much like advertising a yard sale.

Be sure to indicate that participants are to bring their unwanted coupons in some sort of container with their name or a distinctive marking on it. This can be a plastic bag, an envelope, or a box.

Where and when to hold a coupon swap:

Depending on who you have invited to attend (a smaller group of friends versus the general public), you may host a swap in your home, or a public location. Community rooms at a local hall, or a supermarket like Sobeys or Superstore can often be booked for free, and have lots of seating and table space. A coffee shop is also a possible venue, if the group isn’t too large. Be sure to plan the location ahead of your advertising and group arrangements, and think of a time and day of the week that is convenient for most people (e.g. Saturday afternoon, or an evening just after supper-time). A typical coupon swap may last about an hour, so this may be a good time frame to have in mind if you are booking a location.

What to expect at a coupon swap:

You and your swap participants will pass around each others container of coupons, so that everyone has the opportunity to look through and take what they wish. By having a name or distinctive marking on the coupon container, you can remember which batch of coupons you have already looked through, and the owner of each container can easily retrieve theirs at the end of the session. You may also wish to have a second container or envelope nearby as a safe place to hold the coupons you have claimed from others.

A coupon swap is a casual affair where you have a great opportunity to meet new people, and also chat about couponing tips and advice as you exchange. You will meet a variety of coupon users, from those just starting out to those who know are extreme couponers. You may even decide to make a coupon swap become a regular occurrence with the other participants.

Written by Holly S. exclusively for E.C.C.

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